Reviewing Pure Sleep Snoring Device

When I found out I was snoring I decided to act fast. I always prefer to get rid of the problem right away and forget about it. So I went online and typed in “the best snoring remedy”. I found pure sleep reviews on top of the results that were saying that a Pure Sleep is the best selling anti-snoring remedy in the world as for now. So I decided to give it a try hoping that it will be my first and last effective snoring remedy. But making an order turned out to be not an easy process. I went to the official website but was met with 21 questions! And I could not skip them. Turned out that without answering them all I could not proceed further to ordering. Questions were about my present health state and previous conditions that I have ever experienced or were ever diagnosed. Frankly speaking, I could not even remember half of them! Other questions were about my dentures since apparently, this mouthpiece can not be worn by those who do not have full dentures or have implants or something of this sort. I didn’t have any conditions that would not allow me to use the Pure Sleep, but I was quite bored and even irritated to answer all of the questions and it consumed a lot of my precious time. After finally getting to the order, I saw that there was a trial period too. I decided to take this opportunity since I value my money and it is better to loose 9 dollars than 90 if something went wrong. I clicked “Place order” and was done with this horrible procedure.

It took forever for the snoring mouthpiece to come! By forever I mean whole 2 weeks! I think even some grey hair appeared on my head meanwhile. When I read the instruction I realized that the nightmare was not over yet. You could not just take it out of the box and set it in your mouth. This mandibular device needs to be put in a water first then in the mouth and even more that once! Moreover, if you do not adjust it correctly it will not work! The setting and adjusting procedure took me about an hour. I put the Pure Sleep in my mouth and went to bed. I tossed and turned half a night feeling uncomfortable because of the new thing in my mouth and I woke up very sore. I didn’t snore at night but the price was too high for me.